Chapeau and Congratulations – Happy 90th, Your Majesty!

Bäriger Guglhupf © Liz Collet

Bäriger Guglhupf © Liz Collet

However people think about monarchy nowadays and in „modern“ times – the main part of 90 years of a person’s lifetime dedicated to serve still today daily for a number of duties and dates and loyalty to one’s duty deserves high respect.

Official events to mark The Queen’s milestone birthday today began in earnest with visits already yesterday to the Royal Mail and Alexandra Gardens in Windsor. 

The day began (pretty sure with Twinings as usual) with the release of a commemorative photograph from an institution which also celebrates a big birthday this year: the Royal Mail, which turns 500 this year. The Queen marked the joint birthdays with a visit to the Royal Mail delivery office in Windsor where she met long-serving staff and learnt more about the organisation’s daily operations. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh then went on to Alexandra Gardens where Her Majesty opened the new Bandstand. Celebrations will continue on Her Majesty’s actually birthday today on 21 April, and in June, when she marks her official birthday.

Among the album of 3 amazing pictures released in occasion for that special birthday I do love this one most – so cute and especially funny Mia holding the Queen’s handbag, one of her ever and ever essential accessoires and a pretty fine detail decovering the Queen’s wellknown sense of humor and a self-mocking note.

And this one of the images released  yesterday featuring four generations of the Royal Family will appear on a special commemorative Stamp Sheet – pretty sure, the heart smelting George already doing a fine „job“ for „the firm“  as youngest and charming ambassador of hearts for the British Monarchy.

Congratulations and Happy 90th Birthday, Your Majesty!

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